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How to protect yourself from censorship, hacking and violence
How to organize small media security?
When we talk about the dangers a small media project can encounter, we have to determine several main types of threats. Before we start, it is important to say that even a full-body legal armor doesn't guaranty your collective's security, because in Russia, the law is servile and denunciatory.


Blankspot Project is a citizen financed online media outlet, focusing on the media blank spots of the world
Our security strategy is about being proactive. Together with experts from the Swedish armed forces, with medical experts with backgrounds in battlefield surgery, and with colleagues experienced in bringing impossible stories home from the field, we have developed a week-long course that our freelancers and interns are encouraged to attend. We have also put together a guide book collecting that knowledge. Fortunately, we have not had to face any direct threats aimed at us.
Persecution for your publications
In Russia, there are many laws which were initially designed to protect minorities, prevent hate speech against certain social groups and to shield the vulnerable from discrimination. But in reality, these laws are misused such that any journalist can become subject to administrative or a criminal prosecution.

What can protect your collective? First, the format of your content. A printed text can be considered extremist in accordance with Russian legal practice, but the author cannot be accused of having had intent. Second, you have to pay attention to the format of your publications. For example, moloko plus doesn't publish opinion pieces. As a result, if our content is examined by law enforcement, it is harder to interpret it as a call to illegal action. You should also ensure the safety of your authors. For example, they may want to publish under pseudonyms. This will make them harder or impossible to identify.
Persecution for financial activity
Projects like moloko plus are not considered businesses, legally speaking. If you are paying authors, but these fees aren't regular and are not their stable income, prosecution, most likely, won't be able to prove you guilty in any economic crime.
Unwanted attention from authorities or political opponents
During its short history, the moloko plus collective has encountered various types of pressure from authorities and right-wing activists: we were attacked, law enforcement officers tried to recruit some of us as informants, and our presentations were disrupted. To minimize the harm from such interferences, moloko plus recommends to:

  • Cooperate with political groups in the cities where you organize events. This helps make any police activity public and keep the conflict in the political field, which is very important for your defense.
  • Maintain contact with lawyers and human rights defenders, who, knowing the regional law specifics, can provide you the necessary help.
  • Keep in touch with professional journalist communities. Their solidarity can help quickly spread information about any pressure on your collective.
Theoretically Swedish freedom of the press regulation entails some limitations regarding secrecy, etc, but this has never impeded our work so far.


Blankspot Project is a citizen financed online media outlet, focusing on the media blank spots of the world
Financial security
The moloko plus collective recommends that you have cash assets in case your bank accounts are blocked. You can also keep your money in different currencies (dollars or euro) or use a Bitcoin wallet.
The moloko plus collective recommends that you stay away from Russian mail services, create elaborate passwords and password managers and other ways to protect and encrypt your data. Unfortunately, cyber-attacks happen,and you have to stay alert.


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Nothing in particular. We have doormen at our parties but we usually do not need protection to do our thing.
It depends on what we are looking at, but when it comes to sensitive investigations, we work with Signal, Telegram, and Protonmail. We also receive specific assistance to guard our website from possible attacks. We feel safe and make sure to keep it that way by constantly reviewing security check lists and the like.


Blankspot Project is a citizen financed online media outlet, focusing on the media blank spots of the world